The Woman who Always 

Wore High Heels!

In memory of our Mom, Gloria Swan, who lost her fight to Pancreatic Cancer at the young age of 49.  She was everything a parent, friend, sister and leader should be.  She always put others before herself.  Unfortunately, there was still no way of telling that a bad stomach ache would result in her passing away four weeks later.  She never was able to say good bye to her family or friends who cared about her most.

Our Mission

We are devoted to creating awareness, promoting preventative measures and raising funds for a cure to combat pancreatic cancer. Our family has decided to take a proactive stand by hosting annual themed events to raise awareness and find a cure for pancreatic cancer.


The Gloria Swan Pancreatic Cancer Foundation is recognized as  a 501(c)(3)  non-profit organization in honor of our mother, Gloria Swan.  


All proceeds from this foundation will be donated to organizations that are dedicated to finding early detection diagnostics tools to preserve lives and fight pancreatic cancer.